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We are J1 HotSpot

Our mission is to help J1 students to come to the USA, have a fun summer on the Cape, travel to USA most amazing cities and have the best cultural experience.

All about J1 HotSpot

J1 HotSpot is a Student Travel Center located in Provincetown, MA.
J1 HotSpot – a fully licensed operator!

J1 HotSpot is oficially licensed by the The Commonweaalth of Massachussets Town of Provincetown with LICENSE No. TAXI-16-00266-REN-. All passengers using J1 HotSpot services are fully covered and insured.

J1 HotSpot is your ultimate supporter in the USA!

Once the long process for departure to the USA is done and you finally have your visa approved, all of a sudden you are left with mixed feelings – you are so excited for the upcoming summer and you know it is going to be EPIC.

But at the same time you are really worried – it seems like this is all really happening – you are wondering if you will be able to get used to all the new things.

How would you travel from the airport to the housing located at Cape Cod; how would you reach the Social Security Administration to apply for the SSN card; how would you do all the monthly check ins which the sponsor organizations require, what if you forget to do something and you program is at risk?; how would you find a second job….so many questions, it is all so unclear…

We are here to help you with all that!

Have the BEST time ever

Trips Designed Perfectly For You

Our trips combine the best of everything – fun activities, jaw-dropping sightseeing, and awesome cultural experience.

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Our ultimate mission is to help J1 students have the best time ever in the US. Discover more of who J1 HotSpot are.



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